Camp Contest – Become a Weekend Warriors Camp Organizer

Bring a Camp to Your Home Rink and Earn a Complimentary Camp Spot for You and a Friend!

I can’t tell you the number of times I have had players tell me that we should do a camp at their local rink.  They may cite the number of adult league teams at their rink, the number of players, or just tell me what a great hockey town it is.  But the common thread is that they have a need for a Weekend Warriors camp.  Well who are we to argue?  I wish we could hold a camp at all of these rinks, but that is just not feasible.  The trick is to find the best locations.  We’ve been doing this for 15 years now, and I still can’t tell you what locations are going to be successful, and which are not.  So that’s where you come in.  Enter the contest…

What We Are Offering:  We will bring a camp to the rink of your choosing, and offer you, the organizer up to 2 complimentary spots in the camp.

What You Have To Do: 

1) Find a rink that is willing and able to serve as our host on an open weekend in our schedule.

2) Get 18 players willing to commit a deposit for the selected camp weekend.  That’s it.  You’re done.

You Do Not Have To: Find hotels or restaurants, negotiate ice rates, or collect any money or registration information from players….we will do all of that.

If you are interested, please call Rick Parisi at 814-673-2000 or e-mail:

How Will It Work? – The Details

1) We will have a phone discussion about your proposed location.

2) You will find a rink that is willing and able to serve as our host on a weekend that fits our schedule.  This means a weekend from April through August, that is not a holiday weekend, and on which we do not already have a camp scheduled.  The rink must be able to give us ice times that are close to our typical camp schedule.

3) I will set up a registration page on our website.  This page will be used to collect the registration information for the players, along with a $200 deposit.

4) You will then contact the players in your area (the rink may be able to help you with this) and ask them to register.  We can also supply you with marketing materials.  If you are able to get 18 registered players in a reasonable and agreed upon time frame, we will make the camp official, and you have earned a free camp spot for yourself.  If we do not get to 18 players, the deposits will all be returned.

5) The camp will be added to our master schedule.  If the camp grows to 34 players (combination of players brought in by your efforts and ours), then you earn a 2nd camp spot for a friend.