Covid-19 Information Page

This page will be used to convey information regarding the Covid-19 situation as it applies to our camps for the 2020 Season.

29 July 2020

Toronto and Morristown camps are cancelled.  However, we successfully held our first camp of the season in Anaheim, CA, and we expect the final 5 camps on our schedule will be held.

13 July 2020

St. Louis camp is cancelled

10 July 2020

Ann Arbor camp has been cancelled.  The rink was not permitted to re-open.

5 June 2020 – Status Update

Vail Camp has been rescheduled for Oct. 1-4, 2020. However, it is dependent upon reaching enrollment of 24 players.

29 May 2020 – Status Update

Vail Camp is Cancelled.  We are exploring moving this camp to the fall.

15 May 2020 – Status Update

Buffalo Camp is Cancelled.

5 May 2020 – Status Update

Shelton, CT camp has been rescheduled for September 10-13, 2020 – Register Now!

Lake Tahoe, CA camp has been rescheduled for September 17-20, 2020 – Register Now!

27 April 2020 – Status Update

Boston 2020 Camp is Cancelled.

24 April 2020 – Status Update

Lake Tahoe camp is postponed until fall 2020.  Take our survey to help us select a new date.

13 April 2020 – Status Update

Atlanta camp is cancelled. It will be rescheduled for April 29-May 2, 2021.

2 April 2020 – Status Update

Shelton, CT camp is postponed.  We are currently working to schedule a new date, which will be announced via email and social media once it is finalized.

31 March 2020 – Status Update

Pittsburgh Camp is postponed.  We are waiting to hear from the rink on potential new dates for rescheduling.

25 March 2020 – Status Update

We expect to make a decision on our Pittsburgh camp on April 1st.  If we are unable to hold the camp, we will be looking at the possibility of rescheduling later in the year.

For each succeeding camp we will attempt to make a decision approximately 2 weeks prior to the camp based upon the most current information.  In each case, if we are unable to hold a camp, we will explore options for rescheduling.

In the mean time, we appreciate your patience, and want you and your family to stay healthy and safe.

16 March 2020 – Status Update

The Covid – 19 situation is rapidly changing, and causing a lot of uncertainty.  I just wanted to convey a bit of reassurance in this difficult time.  I’ll keep this brief.  Here are the key things to know:

1) We have not canceled any camps for this season as of this time.  None of our host rinks have yet announced closures that extend over the period of our scheduled camp dates.

2) If we find that a host rink closure is announced that will impact our scheduled camp, then we will explore our options.  Those options may include moving to a different weekend (where feasible) or canceling altogether.  All of this information will be communicated to the registered participants via e-mail, and will also be posted on the camp information page for that specific camp location.

3) Most importantly, no players will lose money paid toward camp if we need to move or cancel a camp!

Please be patient during this difficult and uncertain time.  Unfortunately at this time we do not know the extent to which this may or may not affect our upcoming camp season.  In the mean time, let’s all do our part to prevent the spread of the virus, and be good neighbors and citizens in the process.


12 March 2020 – A Message to Our Clients Regarding Covid 19

We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 virus situation, but currently have no plans to cancel any camps.  We have been in touch with each of the rinks for our April and May camps, and all are operating with no cancellations or changes to programming.  Further, each of these rinks has informed us that they have ramped up their cleaning procedures in order to help prevent the spread of the virus.

While we are aware that some large sporting events may be canceled or modified such that there is no fan participation, we don’t feel that these circumstances apply to our events.  As we all know, adult hockey fans are few and far between.  Our events are composed of players and coaches, and there are no large crowds.

While it is prudent to exercise caution in times like these, we believe it is important to keep things in perspective and not over-react.  News stories can be over-alarming.  The best source of accurate and reliable information is from the Center for Disease Control at   We recommend following the CDC guidelines.

Finally and most importantly, if you are sick (symptoms are fever, cough or shortness of breath), stay home!  We will work with you to get you to another camp.

This is an evolving situation, and we will update as needed through our newsletter and on our website.