Camp Types

The following is an attempt to define some of the terms we use with regards to our camps.  We hope this helps.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to call and ask.  We don’t just want your money.  We want to make sure that you are satisfied with your camp experience.

Single Camp vs. Double Camp

With growing demand, some of our camp locations have expanded from a single group to a double group.  This is not only great news for our business, but also great news for our players.  With two groups, we can split players up based upon relative ability, creating a Novice group and an Intermediate/Advanced group.  Not only do players like the fact that they are on the ice with other players closer to their own ability, but this format also allows the coaches to further tweak the curriculum to the specific needs of the group.  Thus, the Novice group can spend more time focusing on basic skills, while the more experienced group can get more exposure to the flow drills and game strategy elements that are important to game play at a slightly higher level.

Which camps will be single, and which double?

It all depends upon demand. Our Lake Tahoe camp is normally a double camp.  If demand is high, other locations may also become doubles.

Camp Format

At Weekend Warriors, we are continually evolving and improving our camp experience.  For example, a few years back we experimented with a “Skills & Strategy Hybrid Camp”.  The feedback from this camp was overwhelmingly positive from both new players and alumni alike, so we decided that we need to incorporate more strategy elements in every Weekend Warriors camp experience.  Further, our coaches are continually adding new drills and updating video techniques and presentations so that there is always something new to learn at Weekend Warriors!

Phantasy Philosophy

If your idea of a hockey fantasy is to shake the hand or get the autograph of some kid that is half your age and out-earns you by a few million dollars per year, then this is not a fantasy camp.  However, for Weekend Warriors, our idea of a fantasy is that we have the opportunity to play this wonderful game as adults, even though we earn our living in a completely unrelated “arena”.  If that is YOUR definition, then all of our locations qualify as fantasy camps.