Coaches – General Attributes

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Many camps will try to convince you to come to their camp because they have a famous coach or famous player. This is somehow supposed to lend credibility to the camp. All too often, these famous faces make just a cameo appearance, or don’t show at all. If you’re looking to meet a famous hockey personality, then you’re looking in the wrong place. We don’t even look for these people to teach at our camps.

The coaches at Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy are carefully recruited, and all possess the following:

  1. Extensive hockey coaching experience
  2. Excellent teaching and communication skills
  3. Ability and willingness to provide individual attention and feedback
  4. Enjoy their work

These are explained in greater detail below. But first listen to what our alumni say about our staff:

“In younger years I’ve played football, baseball, gymnastics and golf. This was superior coaching.”
Kevin G. – Insurance Agent – Age. 54

“The coaching staff you had was great. They were patient, very important at our skill level; and they made everyone feel good about their own effort and ability.”
Leslie S. – Sunnyvale, CA – Age 44

“Well organized, excellent value, personal attention, high quality staff/instruction and no attitude…all GREAT!”
Brian G. – President of Design/Build Construction Firm – Age 46

“The instructors were great. Upbeat, explained everything well. They did not go too fast or too slow & illustrated their points well. We did a lot of different & fun drills that combined many of the things we were being taught. I don’t think that they pushed us too hard even though we did have some tough sessions.”
Elizabeth C. – Construction Scheduler – Stoughton, MA – Age 45

“The coaches are all very professional, informative and friendly. I am definitely a better hockey player because of Weekend Warriors Hockey Camp.”
Kevin B. – Denver, CO

Extensive Hockey Coaching Experience

All of our coaches are experienced hockey coaches. Our head coaches have impressive resumes, and you will be the beneficiary of their extensive experience. Our assistants are also highly qualified coaches in their own right. No “Puck Pushers” for assistant coaches at Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy.

For details of the background and experience of our coaches, review the Coaches’ Biographies page.

Excellent Teaching and Communication Skills

If we had to pick one coaching attribute to be the most important, this is it! Just because someone is a great player, does not make him or her a good coach. A good coach must have a strong understanding of the game, but that alone is not nearly enough. Unless that individual can convey their knowledge of the game to others, little learning will take place. Teaching means listening, observing, and communicating. Individuals learn in different ways. For one player, a mere verbal explanation may suffice. Others are visual learners, and can learn from video or on ice demonstration. Still others learn by doing, and then receiving corrective feedback. In reality, most of us learn through a variety of these techniques, and that is why all of our coaches are adept at teaching through a variety of techniques, in order to maximize the learning.

Ability and Willingness to Provide Individual Attention and Feedback

Have you ever had a teacher that lectured to the class, and just assumed that everyone fully comprehended the lesson? Chances are you and several of your classmates were still not getting it. In this way, hockey is no different than history or geometry. We will not simply explain a skill or drill, and then expect you to “get it”. If this worked, then we could just send you a video.

Our coaches will present the skills, and you will have an opportunity to execute them. But their job is not yet done. They will observe you to see if you really are acquiring the skill. Are you getting it? They will be continuously looking for opportunities to provide feedback to you…positive feedback on the elements you are executing well, and corrective feedback for those elements that still need work.

Enjoy Their Work

It may sound a bit hokey. Who cares if the coach enjoys his work? He does his job, and he gets paid, right? Not quite. If a coach is out there just to collect a paycheck, it will be reflected in many ways. The learning experience will suffer. Players will not feel comfortable approaching a coach for individual attention. And the entire atmosphere of the camp will be affected. Our coaches enjoy teaching you! As a result, they will not only teach you the curriculum, but they will go above and beyond, teaching you more than you expect. Their positive attitudes and love for the game will create an atmosphere that is not only conducive to learning, but will ensure that the entire experience is thoroughly enjoyed by all.