Drill Pack

New Offerings from Coach Nate

Coach Nate has been part of the Weekend Warriors staff since 2005.  He is a student of the game, a continuous innovator, and always a highlight of the camp experience for our players.  Recently, Coach Nate has has put together 2 new innovations that may be of interest to Weekend Warriors like you:

Weekend Warriors Drill Package

One of the things we have heard over the years is something like this “It would be nice to have a package of the camp drills, to help serve as reminders of the drills we learned at camp.”  We agree, unless you have a stellar memory, it’s hard to remember everything that is taught over the course of our camps.  So now Coach Nate has put together the Weekend Warriors Drill Package.  The cost of this package is just $20, and it includes many of the common drills we run at camp.  The Weekend Warriors Drill Pack contains over 50+ drills that are animated for you to watch drills in 2D and 3D. There are individual, small group and team drills for you. Great for players as well as our camp attendees who coach teams as well.  Check out the Weekend Warriors Drill Package.

X-Factor Athlete

In addition to the Weekend Warriors Drill Package, Coach Nate will be offering his X-Factor Athlete Program.  This program is great for adult players who want to continue developing Hockey IQ on a more regular basis.

Simply put, XFactor is your high level affordable remote personal development coach.

  • Your Game IQ Developer
  • Your Confidence Builder 
  • Your Mindset Coach 
  • Your Advisor 

We want to help our athletes and coaches grow their game and get an edge on their opponents by building their intangible skills that will ultimately help grow their confidence, identity and effectiveness.

Check out Coach Nate’s X-Factor Athlete Program

Both of these are offered directly from Coach Nate.  Weekend Warriors does not take any of the proceeds from these offerings.  We merely want to support Coach Nate and his innovations while simultaneously providing valuable tools for our players.