Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner, is this camp for me?

So many players have this concern.  Some are concerned that they are simply not good enough to execute the drills, while others worry they will slow things down too much for the other players.  Neither of these should be a concern.  First of all, there are novice players at every single camp, so you will be in good company.  Second, it is far better to get the help early on in your development as a player, so you can learn the proper way, rather than have to correct a lot of bad habits.  The longer you do something the wrong way, the more difficult it will be to correct.  It’s called muscle memory.
Third, our coaches are very patient and extremely skilled in helping beginners.  They will give you plenty of feedback to help you make significant improvements to your skating and your overall hockey game.  Lastly, even the players at camp that are more experienced will remember when they were where you are right now.  Our camps are a very supportive environment for all adult players.

Remember that these are learning camps, not elite conditioning camps for high level players hoping to make it to some geriatric professional league. By breaking up players based on their ability (for certain skills and drills), we are able to accommodate a wide range of playing abilities. That is one primary reason why we are an adult-only camp. You don’t need to be scared of being run over by some kid on his way to the pros.

      Players that attend our camps rate themselves as follows:

    • 25 % – Rookie (First Year Players)
    • 17 % – Novice
    • 39 % – Intermediate (Solid “C League” recreational player)
    • 17 % – Advanced Intermediate ( “B League” player or played high school hockey)
    • 2 % – Advanced (“A League” player or played college hockey)

However, it is important for us to state that this is not a “learn to skate” program for players that have never been on skates. This is simply because of the 12 hours of ice time over a four-day period. Unless you are exceptionally athletic, 12 hours in 4 days is too much for someone who has never skated before. But if you are currently playing at any recreational level (even if it is not in a league), you will fit in just fine!

What is the cost of the Camp?

Go to our dates and locations page, and then click on the camp location that interests you. The price of the camp and other details are provided on that page.

Is lodging included in the cost of the camp?

No.  Many of our players live locally to the camp they are attending and do not need lodging.  Thus it does not make sense to include lodging in the camp fee.  However, we do negotiate favorable lodging rates at one hotel for each camp location.  These hotels will be in relative proximity to the rink.  The lodging details will be posted in the right hand column of the information page for the specific camp.

What is a typical schedule like?

Our camps are organized over extended weekends to better fit the busy schedules of adults who can’t afford to get away for an entire week to play hockey. All camps run Thursday through Sunday. See our typical camp schedule.

Are you having a camp in Myhometown, USA?

We would love to do a camp in convenient proximity to everyone’s home. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. We try to choose fun destination cities for you to go to, so that you can experience a weekend filled with hockey fun and learning. We encourage you to get away from home to one of our great locations.

However, if you would like us to bring a camp to your area, we are always looking for new places. If you think your local area would be a great place for a camp, go to our Camp Contest Page and you can potentially earn a free camp spot for you and a friend.  Also, if you have a large group, and don’t mind doing some organizing, we will go just about anywhere!

Do you split up players by ability?

Yes. While some drills are done as a group, players are split up by ability for other drills.  This allows beginners to work on the basics, while more experienced players can focus on more advanced skills.

Do you play games or scrimmage during the camps?

Yes, however, the main focus is on learning. There is always a delicate balance, as some players want to play a lot, and others just want more skills and drills. After all, the reason you come to a camp is to improve your game, but you also want to have fun. This is how we try to satisfy both needs.

We spend 12 hours on the ice over the course of the weekend, broken down into 6 two-hour sessions.  We typically have a short scrimmage at the end of a couple of the sessions. (Times vary somewhat, depending upon how long it takes to get through the curriculum.) However, these scrimmages are not just games where the coaches effectively “check out” as they do at some camps. Our coaches are intimately involved in the scrimmages.  One coach is stationed at each bench, and will provide feedback to the players on the bench, just like a pro would receive.

One of our scrimmages is at the end of the Saturday morning session.  We record this scrimmage on video.  After lunch we will review that video as a group, and the coaches will point out both good plays as well as identifying and correcting situations where players are poorly positioned.  Most players find these scrimmages immensely enlightening.

Further, we also play some small area games at various points during the camp.  These are like scrimmages in that they are games in which you are competing to score a goal, so essentially you are playing hockey.  But the game will have a specific learning goal. For instance, one of my favorite games is a cross-ice 3 on 3 game (with goalies).  Players compete just like a regular game, but the focus is to maintain possession of the puck for your team.  If you give the puck away to the other team due to a bad pass or errant shot, then you are penalized.  You must leave the game briefly, and go skate two figure 8’s at center ice, leaving your team short-handed for as long as you are gone.  This game helps correct one of the biggest mistakes that adult players make, which is panicking when pressured by a defender and getting rid of the puck like a hot potato.

By running scrimmages and small area games like this, we are able to meet the needs of all of the players. You will get a chance to practice what you learned in a game environment, and receive professional feedback that you won’t get back home in your recreational league.

Please send me all of the information on the camp in location X.

There is a lot of information on our website. From the Dates and Locations page, click on the specific location in which you are interested. Still want to know more? We’ll be happy to tell you what you want to know. If you ask by e-mail, please be specific about what you would like to know. Better yet, give us a call at 814-673-2000.