What is Our Guarantee?

Our money-back guarantee is quite simple.  If you attend our camp and we fail to meet or exceed your expectations, we will gladly refund your entire camp fee.  That’s it. Period!

What is the catch?

There is no catch.

No other camp provides such a guarantee, how can Weekend Warriors?

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.  By attending one of our camps, you will substantially improve your skill, and your knowledge of the game, and you will have fun doing it.  We rely heavily upon word of mouth to promote our camps.  You will leave wanting to tell all of your friends and teammates what a great experience you had at Weekend Warriors.  If we cannot meet this goal, then we will fail.  Thus, we work hard to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Many camps will ask you to complete a feedback survey at the end of the camp.  This helps to make improvements for future camps.  But that doesn’t help improve your current camp experience.

At our camps, we go two steps further.

  • We will ask for your expectations prior to the camp.  By knowing them ahead of time, we can work to not only meet, but exceed them.
  • Further, we will ask for your feedback after the first two ice sessions.  If we are failing you in any way, then like shifting a line of players we will make adjustments “on the fly”.  If we are still unable to satisfy you, then we have failed, and feel that you deserve a refund.  We will gladly grant it, and thank you for your feedback.