Potential New Camp Locations

We are always hearing “You should do a camp in My Hometown, USA.  There is so much adult hockey here, you would easily sell out.”  Well alrighty then!  We have created a series of pages for over 20 potential new locations.  Let’s sort out the pretenders from the real deal.  If you are interested in one of our potential locations, click on it below and complete a very brief form so we know you are interested.  Also, be sure to pass it on to your friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, word of mouth, smoke signals, or whatever.

Once we see a location gets a critical mass of interest (say 50 or more individuals), we will begin researching rinks and dates, and then send out a survey.  If we get enough commitments, then we will add the location to our schedule.  It’s that simple.

So click on the location that most interests you (you can fill out more than one if you have genuine interest in multiple locations), complete the form, and tell your friends, teammates, etc. to do the same.  Is there a location not on our list that you would like to suggest?  Send an e-mail to rick@weekendwarriorshockey.com and if you are convincing enough, we will add it.

Update: March 2022:  We are now up to 15 camps for the season, and that is pretty much maxing us out.  So while it is not out of the question that we would add another city to our seasonal tour, it is unlikely we would do so without first dropping one of the cities we already have on our schedule.  Feel free to suggest a new camp location, but with 15 great locations on our schedule spread throughout the U.S., we hope you can find one that you can make.  For most people, there is at least one location within a few hours drive, which makes for a great getaway weekend!

Potential Locations for Weekend Warriors Camps

Anaheim, CA – We added this location to our schedule in 2017.  We have since moved it to the new Great Park Ice Facility in Irvine.  Please join us at this great location.

Atlanta, GA – Added in 2015.  The Ice facility in Cumming is a great facility and one of our favorite rinks on our schedule.

Boston/Cape Cod, MA – Added in 2017

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Dallas, TX – None of the DFW area rinks are interested in hosting us, so we now have a camp in Austin.  Come to Austin!

Denver, CO

Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI – Added (Ann Arbor) in 2015

Kansas City, MO

Kingston, ON

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA – We now hold an annual camp in Irvine, CA at Great Park Ice.  We are not looking to add another camp in Southern California at this time.  We hope you will join us at Great Park Ice for our SoCal camp, even if you’re a Kings fan.

Minneapolis, MN – We added this location to our schedule in 2018, and held the camp there in both 2018 and 2019.  Attendance was not very good, so we removed from schedule in 2020.  We are unlikely to return.

Montreal, QC

Nashville, TN

Orlando/Tampa, FL

Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA – Added in 2015

Portland, ME

Raleigh, NC

St. Louis, MO – We have held a camp in St. Louis in 2017, 2021 and 2022.  It was not very well supported.

San Diego, CA

San Jose/SF Bay Area, CA – We will come if we can find a rink to host us.

Seattle, WA – Added in 2022

Telluride, CO

Toronto, ON

Vancouver, BC

Wichita, KS