See What Our Players are Saying About Us…

“I can honestly say I learned more in one weekend than in 10 months of weekly group classes. Skating and passing are definitely improved. I felt like coaches made a real effort to get to know all the players, and work with them individually in each and every drill.” – Jason M.

“What I learned in a 4 day weekend was without question more helpful than anything else in the last 1 1/2 years of playing.” – Tiffany H.

“Weekend Warriors Hockey Camp took my understanding of the game to the next level and gave me the tools to improve every aspect of my own game.”– Jack E.

 “I improved more in the first half of camp than I predicted was possible over all four days. Amazing. One of the guys on my regular men’s league team said to me ‘Damn, that Weekend Warriors thing really paid off. Huh?’ “ – Mark D.

“Awesome. Tons of fun and I learned a lot. My skating improved, my shot improved, my passing improved. The coaches and campers were all friendly and fun. All hockey all weekend. Nothing could be better.” – Matt C.

 “I experienced absolute and immediate improvement in my skating, positional play, breakouts, shooting and passing.” – Darrell F.

“The absolute best time I’ve had on skates since I’ve been playing hockey. Probably one of my best learning experiences in general.” – Aryan B.

“I was nervous about stepping into a camp like this, not having played formal hockey and no coaching. I am a believer. It was an incredible experience, gave me confidence. I’m coming back next year. “ – Damon K.

“All expectations met and exceeded! Can’t imagine a better hockey camp experience! I have drastically improved my skating and my game!”– Kris H.

“No matter how many Weekend Warriors camps I attend (and I’ve attended many), the coaches and experience always help me improve my skating, game, confidence, and conditioning. Very cool.” – Larry M.

“These guys are simply amazing!”– Antonio R.

“On every occasion when I needed help or had a question there was a coach available and willing to provide the help needed. They were always in the middle of the campers during the drills, watching, encouraging, and teaching.” – Larry B.

“I have never received such an extensive amount of feedback and instruction from coaches as I did in this hockey camp. The coaches truly wanted me to learn and get better. I really appreciated their level of patience and commitment. Truly the best hockey camp I ever attended.” – Shaun L.

“Level of coaching was much stronger than anything I’ve been exposed to in the past. I came in expecting to learn a few new things. I came away with a sense of transformation to my game.” – Jeff S.

“The coaches were all top notch instructors, and a really fun group!” – Joel F.

“I couldn’t be happier with the WW camp experience… You feel welcome as soon as you walk into the first meeting, and leave the last ice session as part of the WW team.” – Adam C.