Lake Tahoe Camp 2020 – Replacement Date Survey

This survey is an attempt to determine the best weekend on which to move our 2020 Lake Tahoe camp.

The weekends being considered are all in Fall of 2020: Sept. 10-13, Sept. 17-20, Oct. 1-4, Oct. 15-18

Please take note that the first question field is asking for the weekends you are UNABLE to attend.  This field requires a response.

The second set of fields asks you to rank your preferences for the weekends you can attend.  This is optional.

The third question pertains to your feelings about attending over the currently scheduled weekend of May 14-17.  In answering this question, assume that the rink is open, and there are no state or local government rules preventing it.  We want to know what you think. (This question has been removed - The May camp is now cancelled)

Lastly, there is also an optional comment field for any comments you wish to offer, or to explain any special circumstances you may have.

Please check any dates that you can NOT Attend. (Required Field) Check ALL boxes that apply.
Of the weekends you CAN attend, please list your preferred dates. Up to 3 choices. (Optional)
Please provide any comments you wish to share (optional)