Company Info

Company Information

Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy, LLC is a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company.  Our business is solely focused on providing adult hockey camp experiences to adult recreational players.  We do not run youth camps.  We do not run tournaments.  We concentrate on our core business of teaching adults the game of ice hockey, and insuring that their entire experience is a positive one.  This is not limited to the on ice experience.  We work hard to ensure that you have fun, both on and off the ice.  Further, we work hard so that you don’t have to.  All you have to do is sign up and get here.  We’ll do the rest.  The following is a summary of the principles which guide us in operating our business:

Weekend Warriors Guiding Principles

Purpose and Scope of Business

The purpose of Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy is to promote the sport of ice hockey among adults by providing the most enjoyable ice hockey learning experience possible, in a format that is conducive to their lifestyle. In doing so, Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy strives to offer its customers a valuable hockey learning experience combined with a focus that makes them feel great about themselves and their participation in the camp and the sport, thereby increasing their desire to continue playing the game they love. In order to accomplish this, Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy hires excellent coaches with strong teaching and communication skills, designs efficient and effective curricula, and utilizes teaching aids and technology to facilitate learning and increase the enjoyment of the experience to its customers.

The primary focus is the hockey camp experience that is offered in an extended weekend format, in cosmopolitan cities and/or destination locations. Ancillary products and services are utilized to increase the enjoyment, learning, and overall value of the experience to the customer.


Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy strives to delight its customers by exceeding their expectations of the experience. A player should leave a camp having made significant improvement to several aspects of his or her game, but more importantly should have had an extremely enjoyable experience that will be pleasantly remembered for a long time. The goal is to have the customers be the greatest marketers for future camps, returning to future camps themselves and promoting the experience among their fellow players. Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy intends to execute the traditional elements of a camp in a superior manner, and innovate new products and services that add value to the customer experience, thus encouraging this type of loyalty. Further, by minimizing the hassle that goes along with planning and attending such an experience, player attendance is both made easier, more enjoyable and more likely.


Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy partners with many of its suppliers, leveraging these relationships in order to take advantage of synergies which create additional value for customers, while still maintaining the business interests of Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy and the partner.

Our Suppliers

Not all suppliers can be partners. However, in selecting any supplier, it is important that the supplier is cost competitive (for the value provided), responsive to inquiries, communicates effectively, consistently meets supply commitments, honors quoted terms, and is ethical in its business practices. Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy will deal with all of its suppliers in these same terms.

Our Community

Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy seeks to be a positive force in the community by offering incentives that can be used to benefit youth hockey associations, contributing a portion of profits to worthy charitable causes, and by volunteering time to help out in youth sports programs, community events and charitable causes.

Market Leadership

Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy will strive to become the North American industry leader in the adult ice hockey camp industry in terms of market share, profitability and value to customers. The key to gaining this market share is to create it (rather than take it from competitors) by creating a top-notch service that is desired by customers, and then effectively marketing it, utilizing both traditional and innovative techniques that minimize the use of high fixed-cost medium.


The quality of the product will always be judged primarily by the customers. This quality is measured through customer satisfaction surveys, both during and at the conclusion of camps. Every attempt is made to improve the quality and variety of the products and services, using these satisfaction surveys as a primary metric. These surveys insure a quality focus on the customer.