Don’t Be THAT Guy! A rant on douchey players

Don’t Be THAT Guy… that takes a 10 minute shift at pick-up hockey.  The best hockey players in the world, who are also some of the best conditioned athletes on the planet, limit their shifts to 40 seconds, and most beer leaguers inexplicably extend that to about 2 minutes.  But you, Mr. Marathon are truly special.  After all, you paid your $15 to skate, and by golly, you should get your money’s worth!  And sure your teammates are on the bench getting cold while you lazily skate back to the red line (and no farther), but it’s not like these guys are really your teammates. After all, they only became so because they were unfortunate enough to pull the same shade of jersey out of their smelly hockey bag as you pulled out of yours.  And besides that, you are highly skilled…a virtual pick-up hockey all-star.  Too bad they don’t keep stats for pick up hockey, huh?  So just hang out in the neutral zone and wait for those lowly grunts to battle the puck away from the other team and send it up to your golden stick.  Of course, you will eventually come to the bench.  You’re not really tired, since you only skate when someone gives you the puck, and then only half the ice.  But there has to be some limit to your douchiness.  Right?

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